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Fail to pair Sonoff S20. S26 pair

I have 10 S20 switches 
I first purchase 5 and able to pair them
they all pair and work like a charm

I Purchase another 5, 2 month ago

I am not able to pair the devices
I have 2.4G network which i use to pair
I try to re-pair one of the old S20, and it fail as well 

The S26 Pair immediately 
The S20 is fail to pair 

I try the followed trick 
I name my phone hotspot to the same name of the home network
Shut down the home network
Then use another phone and i been able to pair the device 
Thank i shut down the phone hotspot and turn on back the home wifi, and than i been able to work with that 
But it is an hustle and i do not want to work like that 

I am reminding again, the S26 which i purchased work like a charm

It fail on firmware version 1.6.0 
It fail on firmware version 2.6.1 



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