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Add loop timer to multi gang light switches

Is it possible to add Loop timer to 2 and three gang light switches?

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Same request  - I have a number of lights that I would like to automatically go off after a short delay.

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Same request !! i want to put the sonoff motion sensor to turn on stair light (T1 EU 2gang) and i would like after 2 minutes the light turn off 


hi Mick, I will submit your requirement. Thank you for your proposal.

hi Greg, did you try "inching" function?

Hi Scott.  Yes I did and it  works just fine for what I wanted (turning the light off automatically after I turn it on), so thanks for that. 
I still think loop timer for 3-gang  should still be added, if it is present on the other switches, but it's no longer a priority for me now.
What I am missing  is a "daylight hours" feature, to disable the automated lights during the day.  But that's another discussion.

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