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Sonoff ch 4 pro RE : Bottom to drive different output


I am new in Smart home even if I have just installed a system with Home Automation.

Now I need to drive 4 load from two different point. And I have only 2 commands for point.

I read that is possible to configure single pressure double pressure and long pressure.

I'd like to know if is possible program the bottom to drive different load.

For example bottom0 single pressure drive ch0 double pressure drive ch1 long pressure shot down ch0 and ch1

For example bottom1 single pressure drive ch2 double pressure drive ch3 long pressure shot down ch0 and ch1

So I will be able to command all the channel with only two commands

Thanks for your help.



This question makes no sense.  Perhaps a language barrier issue.  Maybe write in your language and use Google to translate to  English before posting.  Better yet send us a drawing of what you want to do.

I try to simplify the question.

with the riferiment to schematic :

MayI drive Relay1, Relay2, Relay3,Relay4 with the R1 switch ? 

For example using single key press or double key press. 

There is the possibility to configure the sw to have this behaviour ?

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