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An interruption in the power line the unit POW R2  turns on.

What is the reason and how to solve it.


which power line do you mean?

(the line of power supply or the line away from the switch?)

my english is not so good, sorry!

The Input power line 220VAc.

I us it for the Boiler Water 2500W

It seems that there is no protection of EMI / RFI.

I can help you maybe.

I live in Germany, my English is not perfect, we have to vote carefully linguistically!

you write:

An interruption in the power line the unit POW R2 turns on.

from me to you:

in the software ewelink, settings in POW R2!

Go to in the settings where you can also specify the price of electricity.

there you will find...

-->>Switch-on condition! Power on or Power off or Nothing to do when lost power!

they probably put power on! they have to switch to nothing!

--->please write me if it worked! Thanx!

Info Note:

2500 watts are a lot

These switches have only small relays!

Under no circumstances should you switch on the boiler

with a full 2500 watts. If the switch is turned on and you slowly

up the boiler, it goes, but so directly 2500 watts is not good for the relay.


You could use 2 switches, I can tell you a design how to do that.

In case you also want to measure the current.


If you do not want to measure the current, can I send them a 1-switch solution, suggest?

This 16A statement is realistically seen, but not applicable under all circumstances!

ok for small power stories, but directly 2500/3500 watts when switching on does not work, so they destroy the relay!

you life in germany, can you speak german?

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