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Sonoff RF Bridge Inching time

Would it be possible to add an Inching time selection for a remote in RF Bridge?

Some of devices needs a longer button press. My garage gate remote was paired correctly but opens ones in ten button press because of the short inching signal.

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hello, I have the same problem! did u solve it? 

Hi, no i didn't solve it with the RF.

I did it with a Sonoff SV, just  soldered to the rf remote of the gate.


Ciao Marcin,

 I made the same but with a Emylo switch at 220 volts (to avoid another supply)  but i had to set the emylo not with the pulse mode but with a timer mode of 5 secs. Bytheway i can suggest you to supply your remote control with the same power of your sonoff sv to avoid the change battery on your rf.

Thanks for the tip Mauro,

the SV is powered with 24v from the garage gate, and remote is a 12v, need to think how to do that.

All the best,

I agree - ability to configure inching time for the RF pulse would be very useful. I tried to use the RF bridge to control an Endless Pool but despite successfully pairing it didn't work because the RF receiver needs a longer signal. In the end I did something similar to the posts above - soldering wires onto the original remote PCB and controlling with a wifi relay that had configurable inching time :(

Same situation I’m trying to open a gate and a need a itching option the rf bridge don’t give enough time to open the gate
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