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Sonoff pow r2 water heater control

I want to control my water heater with Sonoff Pow r2 in 2 ways as follows- 1. I want to Schedule the Pow r2 so that the water heater will start every day on 5:00 AM and stop automatically on 5:40. and 2. I want to auto off my water heater after 40 minutes when someone starts the heater manually using the Pow r2 built in push button switch. To implement item 1, I tried a Schedule. To implement item 2, I set up the Loop timer (Cycle 40 minutes and Start action set to OFF and disabling 'After' option) . But the water heater ON time was random like some times 20 minutes and other times 10 minutes. Please implement this heater control features on Pow r2 model. Please note there is no inching function feature available on this pow model. Asadul Huq

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