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Sonoff 4ch R2 and wall switch issue

Hi all, I've an issue with a sonoff 4ch r2 and a wall switch to control a light.. When use app all works. When use Alexa all works. When use the wall switch the light works fine but the on/off status on the sonoff don't change.. so the light is on but for sonoff is set to off.. and this make a trouble using Alexa because if i say "Alexa turn off light" it do nothing... i have to say the opposite voice command to turn off light.. Someone solved this issue?

Any idea?

Which kind of wall switch? How they are connected?

A normal 2 way wall switch like thid

It will not work. Or if, then tell me,it would be interesting for me too. For me I have a solution like this: I take two Sonoff T1, one I connect with power and the lamp. The second I connect only with power. Then I make 4 szenes in the EWELink-app.
if (1) on then (2) on, if (2) on then (1) on, if (1) off then (2) off and if (2) off then (1) off. The result: One switch changes the light and the other switch, the second switch changes only the first switch (and with this the light). 

A time ago I saw a modified Basic in ebay with a possibility to connect a normal switch, but was not for me. 

I hope I described it good, if not, please feel free to ask. this

Yes.. for the sonoff basic it works.. i've also 1 of that and it works correctly.. Then i bought 1 of sonoff 4ch because i've seen on youtube that was possible to connect a normal switch without any kind of upgrade or hack to the device.. infact it works but with this little bug related to the light state.. it changes from the app and from the internal button but it doesn't change from the external switch.. If anyone know how to solve please contact me.
If you see at this video on youtube At the end of the video he connect a normal switch and it works.. but if you check the led status on the sonoff when he click the switch, it does not change.. this is my same issue..
If you look this video on youtube. "" At the end of the video he connect a normal switch and it works but if you check the led status on the sonoff does not change. This is my same issue.
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