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Sonoff POW R2 to ONLY monitoring more than 16A


I have intentions to monitoring the consumption of my entire house and I know that have more than 16A in the line a few times on a day.

Its possible use the POW R2 ONLY for monitoring? Is possible monitoring for example: 40 or 50 A without use (on/off) the 16A relay? I thinking about remove the relay of the board and change the track welded for 2.5mm cables.

Can I help me with this?

The Sonoff Pow will be very hot and it is possible that the Sonoff will be burnt. In my opinion, a single Sonoff Pow is not capable of monitoring energy uses in a typical house.

The POW uses voltage drop across a shunt resistor to measure current.  I doubt it would be safe to pass much more that 16A through that resistor or the small circuit board traces connected to it.  Even if you used an external heavy duty shunt of the same value the voltage across it might exceed the value expected by the AD converter.

In my opinion, this isn't a good idea...

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