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Sonoff T1 Smart Wall Touch Light Switch should - switch off after 30min

Hello users, please I have one problem with the app, I have no idea how to setup the wall touch switch according my needs, which are totally basic.

What I need is:

When I manually switch on the switch, it should go automatically off after  lets say 30mins {or what ever time you choose}. And this should happen always when I manually switch on the switch {i dont care the time or date}.

How should I do that? In timer is only repeat once. And I do not know if I can use the loop timer as there is again the date function which I dont care. It should power off no mater the date or time. Just simply it goes off after some specific time and every time it is manually switch on {or even remotely switch on, both are good}.

Thank you

Yes, it is there, thank you. Such an important function and its hidden at the edge of the app!

If it is not removed in new version of SW.... in Device Settings set "enable inching duration" to on and write number 1000 = 1 second so 30 min would be 1,800,000

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