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SKY Q Sonoff connection

I have a just swapped from bt home hub to sky q hub and can only connect one of my 8 sonoffs. (the first one i tried)

I have split the 2.4 and 5 ghz without any luck and also tried to connect onto a mesh system which also doesn't work.

The units connect via Itead but pairing to wifi they just blink every second

Has anyone successfully connected to sky q ?

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I succeeded. Steps to fix:

1) Log onto sky Q router  

2) In the admin portal, disable 5Ghz wifi (you will switch it on again afterward)

3) Long-press any of the touch switches until you hear two beeps (you will hear one beep, but keep on pressing :-) For the Sonoff basic, hold down button until the green light flashes quickly

4) In your Ewelink app add a device via the "+" and select 'quick pairing' and wait approx 10 to 30 seconds.

5) The device will be found, rename it by using the name you had assigned previously 

6) Switch on (enable)  the 5Ghz wifi on the SKYQ router via admin page.


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