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Using sonoff with storage heating

Hi all, I live in the UK and I use economy7 for my heating and hot water (uses off peak electric to heat the hot water and storage heater, but is only a live feed from 0:30-7:30) I use the property as a holiday home so would like to be able to use sonoff to switch on and off the heating and hot water as and when required as I’m only there 2 days a week and for bothe to be hot for my arrival would need switched on the night before to heat up during off peak. My questions are :- 1. Once connected to my WiFi and set up will the sonoff automatically reconnect to the WiFi every night at 00:30 when the off peak power becomes live? 2. With the unit being without power during day hours and being off line can I send a command through the app to switch on the heating once power is on at night and it will receive this command at 00:30 when the power comes on and it connects to WiFi? I hope the above makes sense Thanks Monty
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As I see it, device needs to be online to be able to receive command. If it is offline you cannot send command to it. Not even schedule. Someone please correct me if I am incorrect.

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