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Problem in loop timer for bridge

Can't able to use loop timer. I installed bridge successfully. After that successfully pir sensor recognized as alarm. Then create scene. After that when try to click loop timer then it says no RF remote available. I can't understand. Please help.

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I got an answer from the support centre staff:

"For the loop time and count down, it is for the button( RF remote), it doesn't work for PIR2, because PIR2 can not be set to be triggered."
So, countdown and loop timer can't be used for RF remote. That is too bad, because I want to use the PIR sensor to turn on a light switch then wait for a few minutes before the RF remote receive another trigger from the PIR. I need the PIR to turn on and off a light switch, but it seems impossible to do this due to app limitation. It makes the PIR and RF remote not really smart. 

I have the exact same problem, please help, tnx!

I have the same question. I have 2 remotes connected to RF Bridge, but when I want to add countdown or loop timer, I got a message "No available remote."

Can anyone help? Thanks!

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