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Sonoff dual 1.3.0

First of all, sorry for my english. Second... All my sonoff upgrade at 2.6.1 but i have and one sonoff dual with 1.3.0 what doesn't want to upgrade.. i'm not sure if is an original itead product, look identicak, but in app, at the manufacturer show "Maker" , not Sonoff... I try to delete and add again, even from phone hotspot, also add to another account.. and now reconnect to my account: doesn't want to upgrade... Posibil to be fake one??

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Have you found solution? I have two Sonoff Dual and they are still at 1.2.0 without any upgrade... So you are lucky to have 1.3.0 version.

I have the same problem. is there a way to upgrate the firmware?
I have the same problem. Is it possible that original Sonoff Dual is stuck at 1.3.0 while the 2.x.y are actually Dual R2?
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