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Inching in only one Gang of three

Godo Morning, I’ve a Sonoff Touch US T1 3 Gang. Is possible to use one gang for a Relè (with a inching function) and two gangs for a normal lamp? When I activate the inching function all gangs flash. I need that only one of three gangs flashed. Is possible? M.

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with the 3.3.0 version there is this update. But if I have a Sonoff Touch US (3 Gang) with:

L1 input: phase

N1 input: neutral

Gang 1. Fase of one lamp

Gang 2. Fase of another one lamp

Gang 3. Fase on A2 of Relè

The Gang 3 don't work. 

If I put:

L1 input: neutral

N1 input: phase

The Gang 1 and Gang 2 doesn't work but Gang 3 with relè is working. 

Is possibile to make it work with all 3 gang?

Many thanks in advance


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