eWeLink What's New for iOS 3.5.6

eWelink ios 3.5.6

Release Date: 2018-12-19

What's New:

1. Support SONOFF L1 product

2. Add The Democratic Republic of the Congo in country list

3. Disable SONOFF 4CH Pro inching setting, all channels on/off features

4. Other App bugs fixed and optimizations

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Why was "3. Disable SONOFF 4CH Pro inching setting, all channels on/off features" disabled ?

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under the device settings there is now an "Add Camera" menu but nothing is listed. I assume that I first need to add a camera device and then it will show up there? how do I do this? what cameras are supported? I read somewhere that the EzViz cameras are supported which would be great since I already have them.

How does this feature work???

Thank you.

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