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pairing RF remote control to sonoff rf wifi

Pairing with RF control works fine. But when I am pairing a second RF control it seems that the first one is eraised. I was thinking that I could pair up to 14 RF controls to the Sonoff RF Wifi.

What am I doing wrong?

Does Not work none of this solutions for me . Does anyone knows if it is MUst to pair in first place with wifi and then with RF as a second step? 

I have 4 devices and I pair two without any problems and working forne , and the other two I cant not pair vis rf in any way . 

Also , is there anyone of support services answering?

Thought I had the new version. serial number is IM151116003

Thx for the answer. But I thought that I have the new version. Serial number is IM151116003.

hi the older version sonoff rf only pairs with one remote, the new ones pair with more than one .

For the new models that deliver on and after June 1st, 2018, please learn as below:

Press and hold the black button of Sonoff RF for 3s,  you see the red led blinks once.  Press a button on RF Remote, and it will be learned successfully.

Note: One Sonoff RF can learn with 14 RF Remote buttons. The 15th RF button will cover the first button that has been learned

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