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Naming chaos with 433 RF Bridge, two devices for each the on and off button

 Hello! :-)

First of all, installing and pairing was very easy. Thank you.

The trouble start when naming things. E.g. 4 power outlets with a remote.

The remote has on and off buttons, so I have to either create a two button remote for every outlet, or make a seperate on and off device. But this is just set-up, not the actual problem.

I can't just say "switch backlight on", as backlight would appear as two devices (named Backlight On, Backlight Off). So I would have to say "Turn Backlight On On".

I tried with scenes in the app (Backlight on triggering remote1 on), but when I have scene "backlight on" and scene "backlight off", Alexa says that there are two backlights and does not know what to do.

The only solution to this I see now, is to create custom commands in the alexa app.

Please change the app so it's possible to use simpler on/off commands for two buttons.

Thank you!

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