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Sonoff Pow R2 firmware 2.8.0 release

What exact the firmware released for? is there any version change report?

I don't want to update blindly as the issue in 2.6.0 which cause no charge data for a long time until 2.7.0 released.

Is there anyone updated to 2.8.0?  any visible issue found or fixed?



I just purchased a sonoff pow R2 and flashed the firmware to 2.8.0. The energy consumption and download buttons are missing.

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I am using 2.8.0 and the energy consumption and download buttons are missing

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Click on the 3 dots in circle at top right corner. It is there.

Thank you Peter, but where is the download button?

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Is it fixed the voltage detection issue? I saw Gregg Biljon's screenshot is on 220Volt. But my device always show me 110Volt even I applied 220Volt.



I don’t see the “Record the downloads” option I am using EWeLink 3.5.6 and Sonoff POW R2 2.8.0 Is there a setting I need to change to enable the download?

Interesting, I have POW R2 fw 2.8.0 and eWeLink v 3.5.5 and download is there.

What does it show when you click on "i" in circle ?

When I click on the i : see attached
Updated to 2.8.0, nothing changed! Still display 110v instead of 220v applied..

Gregg Biljon I run out of ideas.

Thanks for your help Peter. 

I will probably have to wait for an update that will add the “Record the downloads” again.  When I find a working App version and Firmware version, I won't change till im sure the new versions are ok. 

It would be nice if they would standardise the functions on all the devices. My sonoff pow options are different to my sonoff pow r2 options. Like the history on the pow shows when you powered it on an off with the app, but on hte pow r2 the history shows your power consumption.

Does not look like the teams of developers are communicating with each other. They need once central quality control.

I have same problem, eWlink V 3.5.8, Pow R2 firmware 2.8.0 “Record the download” a missing.
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