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Add Auto temperature / humidity settings to schedules

Adding auto mode along with temperature / humidity settings for scheduled/timer features seems obvious for all sensor capable switches, i.e. th10/16/duals etc. So why after countless people requesting this feature for over 2 years has it not been implemented yet?

It makes no sense to have timers for auto capable temperature/humidity sensor capable switches and leave those needed options. What you have done is cripple these switches and make them over-priced Sonoff basic switches in functionality, unless you want them an auto mode permanently with no way to actually make them automatic..........etc etc etc, this is boring repeating what has been requested by so many others and is so obvious.

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Wow!! I just asked this question yesterday. Have look many place before buying this equipment (s22+si7021) and i cant find any info Too bad i bought it anyway thinking this feature is no brainer, why would anyone want to buy it if it wont work together. Very sorry for my purchase

Yeah and it gets worse, you can create a scene within the app and use the temperature and humidity sensor to activate "other" switches etc,  but,  wait for it, not the relay physically attached to the sensor, in the same unit.  So you can only use the sensors in a scene to activate a different unit, who the hell came up with that idea, it is crazy.

I think it would be possible to use another smart plug on top of this set i already have the lower one acivate my schedule and the top one activate with humidity sensor but why would i make another purchase for something that should be fixing by itead?

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