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No Alexa motion controller support?

I just bought a hub and motion sensor thinking I could use it to trigger action with Alexa routines (e.g. turn on my LIFX hallway bulb). Though either I'm blind or I simply cannot get this to to work. Alexa got a device group for motions sensors which shows no supported devices, so is there an update due or a way to get this to work?

Having read this back in August, I believe it's possible, though then again maybe it's a misunderstanding on my side?

Sound to me that all that is required is for a "device" to be formally recognised as a motion controller for it be used with Alexa to trigger actions?

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I have the same issue too, i have bought 3 sensor to use in alexa routines but it doesn't show there, any forecast to work this function? is there any workaround to this work?

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Same case, RF bridge is shown as Alexa compatible but I can't get it detected. Irecently purchased it so I opened a ticket support

I'm having the same problem, just opened a ticket. Even the wireless switch is not working at the moment with Alexa

Workaround is to use websocket to subscribe on events from ewelink and trigger switch from smartthings or write your own motion sensor skill. I useĀ smartthings virtual switch.

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