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No Alexa motion controller support?

I just bought a hub and motion sensor thinking I could use it to trigger action with Alexa routines (e.g. turn on my LIFX hallway bulb). Though either I'm blind or I simply cannot get this to to work. Alexa got a device group for motions sensors which shows no supported devices, so is there an update due or a way to get this to work?

Having read this back in August, I believe it's possible, though then again maybe it's a misunderstanding on my side?

Sound to me that all that is required is for a "device" to be formally recognised as a motion controller for it be used with Alexa to trigger actions?

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I have the same issue too, i have bought 3 sensor to use in alexa routines but it doesn't show there, any forecast to work this function? is there any workaround to this work?

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