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Inching duration

I fail to modify inching duration, I enable duration then enter a value I.e. 10000, but nothing changes. How to obtain different duration?

Time was in msec, from last update you have to put in sec. 10000 sec is nearly 3 hours. You waited so long?

Thks fou your reply. I tried many values (by increment of 500 as required) but nothing happens, the relay keeps activating about 1/2 second.

About which product we speak? 

MHCOZY Wi-Fi Wireless Momentary Inching Selflocking Relay...

Press one more time the mode-switch. It has 3 modes. 0.5 sec on, Inching mode-time as given from EWE-Link and always on.

Super! Thank you, it works perfectly!

I want the fan to turn on only 30 seconds when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees and then turn off

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