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Do not update temperature readings

Using 1+ year, 2x Sonoff THS Firmware 2.6.0

New bug apeared

Temerature screen showing same temperature all time, real temperature variate +- 15C on screen all time the same. After reboot showing correct temperature, but  again do not update with real temperature after a while. On/off etc working with no problems.

On both devices the same.


Same problem here. The temperture value does only update after rebooting the app.

TH10R2 (FW 3.4.1) + DS18B20

Android App Version: 4.2.0

I cant get it to update at all- logged a ticket - weeks ago - no reply. 

Same here, temperature value does not refresh, always the same
Same issue with THS firmware v 3.4. 1
Does anybody from ITEAD read this?
This is serious and crucial problem.
As I can see, th16 turns on and off correctly, but it does not show the real temperature in app, so the problem could be in refreshing the app. So when I open app it shows the same temperature as earlier, but the real temp. is different and it works okay in background. That is my opservation, and I see the problem in refreshin the app.

Another year passed and the app still doesn't update the temperature...

You need to write the code making a capacity to print the temperature and call it's anything but 'A' or 'B' is entered or when the temperature changes. If you give me model for the capacity I will try to make it work by writing code buy essays

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