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DUAL with eWeLink for roller door, blinds or garage door. No flashing or soldering. The easy way?

Hi Guys,

I'm really desperate and exhausted with searching internet. Also mostly disappointed with my lack of luck to achieve such a simple goal....

I'm trying for weeks now to make it work, to remotely close (DOWN) and open (UP) the roller door to my company. How easy it sounds! I went through many amazing DIY solutions with flashing, soldiering, coding etc. but this is just too much. I'm not an electrician or DIY enthusiast and don't really have time to figure out some Sonoff modifications or coding, please....

So I found the DUAL, my first thought was BRILLIANT! This is exactly what I want. Remote device which can simply close one circuit for rolling door DOWN or close the second circuit to roll the door UP. Well, am I naive?... 

Please check the attached drawings. One is showing how my roller door was connected to the usual UP/DOWN switch and second drawing showing how I connected the Sonoff DUAL. I also attached the screenshot of my eWeLink screen.

Please help me. Why this doesn't work!? It's just two circuits for UP and DOWN action. Is not DUAL is exactly for this? 

I just want to switch ON the first button so the "motor direction 1" circuit is closed and the door just starts rolling DOWN (closing) and I know 20 seconds will do the job. I don't need any timing or sensor or anything, I can simply switch OFF the button after 20 seconds as I know this is enough time for the roller door to close. 

And when I turn ON the second button on the app it will do the OPEN action, which is closing the "motor direction 2" circuit, which will roll the door UP.

I'm really sorry if my explanation is not clear, I did my best. Again please if anybody can tell me the easiest way to make it work. It's just a stupid very simple roller door...

Thanks a lot.


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Hi, for me it all look very fine and I did same here too. And it works. 
You did not wrote what doesn´t work at you. No moving? The only ideas I have just now:  Your Dual is not well or about the cables, reality is not as shown in the pictures.
If all work fine I would enable inching mode with 20 sec 

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