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SONOFF Better Softwre GUI interface Windows/Andriod/HTML Web

SONOFF  Better Softwre GUI interface
TH16 Temp/Humid sensor:

I need and will to pay for another Andriod/Windows App/Program that load run separte from the EWELINK App after we config devices.

I want and need a user interface that shows all Devices status and Temp/Humid reading as same time on same GUI screen page.
Allows for Logging Temp over time. Config Temp on/Off Relay switch settings etc.

The EWELINK works but is limited.

I want to see all readings same time like a main control Panel for smart Home Temp monitor station.
Peeking at one Device at a time is coold to be able to do but I want to be able to glance at all at same time or at least
4 to 6 to 8, 10 at one time.

I know this can be done but I am not  Firmeware or HTML software developer.

I know what I want I just don't know how to or who to ask for.I am search the internet and seen many sonoff support forums ona dev on how
to reflah the micro on board the Sonoff but even those project get into attempting to build what I think we all would love to have.
And if we had them we would purchase many more TH10/TH16 units.

M Barker

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