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IFTTT does not detect the trigger depending on who activates it.

Hi all.


I have the following problem with the IFTTT applets:

If ON or OFF activation is done manually, via Google assistant, via Google Home app, or via the SONOFF BASIC or 4CH timers, the IFTTT correctly detects the change and activates the applet.

If the activation is done from another SONOFF (for example: TH16) or from an eWeLink scene, IFTTT does NOT detect the change.


I have a TH16 that activate by temperature a BASIC1, by humidity a BASIC2, and by elevated temperature to different channels of a 4CH.

None of these activations via WiFi from another device is detected by IFTTT.


What is the problem?

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Gabriel, Try to log in again to your account. I had the same problem and it resolved. Best Regards!

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Hi Damir

Thanks for your help.


I logged out in the eWeLink and IFTTT application, and logged in again in both.


The execution of the triggers in IFTTT was almost completely normalized.

But I see that in the SONOFF BASIC that are activated or deactivated more often, it does NOT detect many activations and then detects them again without any change.


Any explication so that it sometimes detects and sometimes does not in IFTTT?


Thank you again.


Hi Damir

Thank you very much for your answer.


Unfortunately the sequence has not worked: logout / login in both applications (eWeLink and IFTTT).


It still does not detect activations by scenarios or by other SONOFF devices (TH16 by example) in the BASICs SONOFF.


Any other idea to probe?


there seems to be an underlying issue with ewelink not sending updates to ifttt if a device status is changed by a scene. It really need fixing.

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