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Sonoff TH10/16 R2 with Temperature graph

Sonoff TH10/16 R2 with Temperature graph


Feature Request

Sonoff POW R2 can now show a power curve, consumption shown over time.


Now, we just need to get a similar Sonoff TH10 / 16 R2 with the same feature  with Temperature graph.


Is it something that is considered, or is it already on the drawing board?


Thanks for some amazing products ...

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Ed van Willegen and others ,join with my group in facebook: in estonian,but i help you as much as i can.And also,search on the web homeassistant community,github ,youtube tutorials video.Im too a newbie(use homeassistant  1 year),but its not very difficult

Introduce on Raspberry Home Assistant and you will get astounding brilliant home solution.It looks hard for first look,but genuine circumstance is entirely basic.

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Hi ITEAD Support


I have noticed that you have marked my request as being in progress.


Many of us are super happy about that.


Thanks for the support for my idea.


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So let’s see the next update!

Thanks for your kind suggestions, we will evaluate it and give you feedback ASAP.

Hi guys, could you share more details about your request about the temperature graph, for example, application scenarios, time interval..., it will help us to evaluate it, thanks.

Hi Jerry, I am using the temp sensor for my pool automation and pool heating. To optimise the solar system and minimise electricity the pump switches on temperature. I like to graph temperature in and temperature out the pool to follow delta T. The time interval would be every minute a and a week rolling graph would be nice. That could be a lot of data so at least 24 hours to review a cycle would be minimum to be useful. If the graph could have 0 and 1 for on and off signaling that would even be better!! The last thing is the setpoint line for a trigger (on / off ) I hope this helps Jerry

Hi  Ed van Willegen , thanks for your feedback, it will help us to evaluate the request

You’re welcome
Thanks guys. I started Home Assistant which caused me some short nights sleep but the results are great. In combination with Sonoff a great tool to build home automation. The guys of Sonoff should be officially integrated. I think it opens up a big market to them!
Graph feature will be most useful. Please add

Come on, please add this

Looks like after 3 years there is still no progress
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