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Sonoff TH10/16 R2 with Temperature graph

Sonoff TH10/16 R2 with Temperature graph


Feature Request

Sonoff POW R2 can now show a power curve, consumption shown over time.


Now, we just need to get a similar Sonoff TH10 / 16 R2 with the same feature  with Temperature graph.


Is it something that is considered, or is it already on the drawing board?


Thanks for some amazing products ...

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Yes I would like that too! Waiting for the moment it arrives!

I need this also.

8 ball pool

Hi! Use Home Assistant and you will get this


Sorry about my english,im from Estonia.Install on Raspberry  HomeAssistant and you will get amazing smarthome solution.It looks difficult for first look,but real situation is pretty simple.

(74.9 KB)
(14.2 KB)
(111 KB)

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This looks difficult,but really it is pretty simple.Sorry about my english,im from Estonia

install it on Raspberry,it is really easy

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Buy a Raspberry PI and install on it HomeAssistant,its pretty easy

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Idon know why,but i cant answer.Go to the HomeAssistant website

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I have bought a Raspberry Pi 4 starter set and I will experiment
Thank you also for the graphs. It’s exactly what I want to see! If I get confused I come back to you
Dear PAF. I went through the list of suppliers supported by home assistant but Sonoff wasn’t in the list? How can that be?
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