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External buttons / Switch on Sonoff Basic / S20/S26 / 4CH

External buttons / Switch on Sonoff Basic / S20 / S26 / 4CH


Feature Request

We are many at the Danish Sonoff forum, which lacks the ability to control Sonoff S20 / S26 / 4CH box and Basic with an external contact.


The Danish contact system LK is not like the rest in Europe. We have our own form factor, which is smaller than the EURO cans.


It could therefore be great if the connector found on the Sonoff Basic and Sonoff S20 / 26 / 4CH box could be plugged into a plug or terminal for connecting a cord to an external power switch.


But maybe there are problems with MAINS on the terminals?


It would really increase the value of the product


Good solutions should work, but not seen.


Hope you can find a solution ....

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I also like a solution for this...

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