eWeLink What's New for Android 3.5.6

Release Date: 2018-12-06

What's New:

1.Fix some bugs

2.Optimize performance and improve stability.

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I spoke too soon in thanking you for including the MAC address in this version.  The MAC address reported in the app is not the wifi MAC.  It does NOT agree with the MAC address shown by a router.  It is essentially useless for purposes of identifying the device on the wifi network.  PLEASE FIX THIS.

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after the update to version 3.5.6 all my devices (POW R2 and S26) do not show the on / off state if these states have been changed by the schedule tasks. I can not remove scheduled tasks by showing the "failed, please check network connectivity and try again later". All devices have the latest firmware version.

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done, everything works fine after logoff and logon. thank you.

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Still no firmware update for all devices to 2.6 like sonoff touch EUC1 stuck at 1.8.1

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Can I download this app on aptoide store?

Can you please rename 'Alarm' to 'Trigger' - many users are using this function to allow rf remote switches to trigger non-rf sockets and lights. Better still, allow alarms/triggers to act as inputs in IFTT...

Thanks for the information

i tried to get it through https://ssstiktok.info/ssstiktok/ but it's not working yet, do i need to try other website as https://ezwontech.com/picuki/

Thank you!

It seems that log-off & log-on does update the status. Just need a bit of testing to see if it stays that way or freezes again.
Perche non ho piu sul app.la finestra per condivedere?.e se provo a farla l'interno mi dice sempre condivisione non riuscita .ma cosa piu strana e che non ho piu tra le ..programazione taimr e c..

 I exactly got what you mean, thanks for posting. And, I am too much happy to find this website on the world of Google.




It is essentially useless for purposes of identifying the device on the wifi network.  PLEASE FIX THIS.

Really good update, nice and thank you.. hadits tentang pernikahan.

IOS versoins.  NO idea unless you say Oreo; or the clever names . or earlier . What of new OS in the S10 ?
Is this Android version or IPhone version. ?  So far no problems in  Android  V7.0 (pre oreo)


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