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Nextion 7" w/capacity touchscreen calibration problem


how can I calibrating my capacitive touch screen in Nextion 7" enhanced.
Now I try use the "touch_j" command but nothing appear on the screen.
Communication with Nextion is OK because, for example "dim=30" command give result.

I need to calibrate it because the touched point is offset from the image.

Thanks for any suggestion.

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I have problem with calibration nextion 7 Inch resistive tuch sensor. While i send touch_j the display give the insrruction "toucj just". And I try to following the instruction to touch on the target as display give us. But never give us result cakibration finish. Now the touch not function. Only displaying data as we send to the object. How to solve this isue. Please give me instruction. Thanks for you attention.
Problem solved. One of touch sensor wire broken. Soldered and now work fine.
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