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Make Sonoff basic be detected as light switch instead of wall plug.

Im using sonof touch without problem, but in another room I use sonoff basic for one of my roof lights.

The problem is that sonof basic is detected as socket / plug instead of light. So if I say Google to turn on my lights it only turn on my touch one.

Maybe an option to let set if use sonoff basic as plug or light switch.

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Any updates on this?

eWeLink with ifan3 = Fan (3 speeds) + light   --------- Google assistant = light icon (no fan speed)



ITEAD, please update app (google assistant api) with devices types!


Same problem. My kitchen lights are listed as Wall plugs. Any solution yet?
So, recently I bought 3 light switches and 1 wall plug. The wall plug came up as a light switch on the app and the light switches came up as wall plugs. FIX this please...... . Gets me angry.
Actually there is a workaround with Google home, if you name your switch with the word « light » or « fan » it will appear as a light or a fan in Google home.
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