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Make Sonoff basic be detected as light switch instead of wall plug.

Im using sonof touch without problem, but in another room I use sonoff basic for one of my roof lights.

The problem is that sonof basic is detected as socket / plug instead of light. So if I say Google to turn on my lights it only turn on my touch one.

Maybe an option to let set if use sonoff basic as plug or light switch.

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Hi Jos. I'm glad you are also pushing for a fix, as google home app is today it's a must a toggle set in order to take full advantage of Sonoff basic integration. Happy New year!

No fix within a week as promised. I'm still suffering the whole troubleshooting process on a new ticket. Lame...

As per last APK update the sonoff basic are detected as switch by default instead plugs, still they are not listed under lights menu from Google Home so this feature was partially solved only. I really think sonoff basic needs a toogle in the config process to select between plug, swith or lights in order to work proportly.

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Confirmed, last update shows basic as light. Google Home is shown as wall plug. Hope it get updated

Hi Mauricio, 

Yes, problem is light switch and lights is not the same for google app, Sonoff B1 bulbs are correctly identified as light bulbs and listes under lights menu so Im sure ITEAD knows how to do it....

I would push for a toogle to set sonoff basic between plugs, switchs or bulbs per user demmand, that would be perfect. 

Ive filled a new ticket as Ive fund the reply is faster if you open a tech ticket support.

Update: now sonoff basic is shown as light switch in Google Home

But still not listed as lights on the lights group for the app...


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Similar problem here: I have a bunch of sonoff basic, some new and some old. In google home some are shown as outlet and some as switch.

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For those who don't see their Sonoff as light there is a simple solution: just rename light as "xxx light" and will be detected as a bulb. I rename the basic in ewelink app and then put another name in Google Home, just write the word LIGHT
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