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Make Sonoff basic be detected as light switch instead of wall plug.

Im using sonof touch without problem, but in another room I use sonoff basic for one of my roof lights.

The problem is that sonof basic is detected as socket / plug instead of light. So if I say Google to turn on my lights it only turn on my touch one.

Maybe an option to let set if use sonoff basic as plug or light switch.

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 I second this. I really would like to be able to say to google assistant 'turn on the living room lights', so the lights (and only the lights turn). And 'turn on the fan', if at summer I automate a fan with a sonoff switch.

Its incredible how this option is not available, suddenly all my switchs are now plugs. I hope wont requiere a re pairing! Please fix this issue!!!

Add to a scene (Amazon Alexa)

Can you add scene in Google?

What’s the point to add scene? This is a config issue, previous versions had the option to set as light or plug and then google home will follow that setup, now it seems that was removed. It should be easy to add an option at the app to configure as switch or lights.

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Seems no one knows, even the staff is lost ....filled 2 tickets and didn't got any accurate reply at all.

 To be somewhat more clear: sonoff also sells (or sold) fans, lights and probably more. Then it is logical that Google Assistant, Alexa and others get presented a fan, or a light. But a switch is a generic device. If it switches a light, it should be advertized as a light, if it switches a fan, it should be advertized as a fan. Only if that info is not known, it is reasonable to advertise it as a 'switch', or a 'outlet'. Problem is that only the users knows. So my suggestion is to make it so that, in the eWelink app, the user can select the type of device to advertise. Selection should be made from the types known to Google Assistant, Alexa et al. if the user does not make a selection, the type advertised stays how it is now: a switch, or a outlet.

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Exactly, all my light are 'wall plugs' . This wouldn't happened if a selection could be made inside ewelink

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I dont see the "real" issue.

I just name mine what I use them for.

ie. Lamp 1, light 2, power 1, heater etc.

That then shows under their name in ewelink and Alexa.

Try the lights tab in Google home and you will see the issue.... Check how many lights you can turn on and off on a single tap.... Only the ones labeled as lights or lights switch's are listed there. There are more issues just to name one...

I use Alexa. Can do as many as I need. Dont have google.

I'm glad for you...

This is a major problem. The Google Home is built on the device type, and all Sonoff Basic R2 etc. show up as outlets. This makes it impossible to say "Turn off all lights". I guess the S26 wall plug IS an outlet, but it could still be controlling a light - like a floor lamp. 

In general it should be possible to set a custom device type in the configuration of the device.

Can you please add this?


Filled 3 tickets already and didn't got any accurate reply. Last contact said this issue was noted and would be fixed within a week... A week ago...

 Let's hope so. I also had a chat with someone from Google. After explaining my problem, he found the problem interesting. There was no solution yet, but he promised to pass this on. So there are multiple irons in the fire. Hopefully this will be solved from one or the other side..

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