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Changing the WLAN access point

I have been wondering if there is a way to change the access point where the Sonoff device has been connected to. My example is this:

1 Sonoff RF

2 Sonoff PIR

2 Sonoff switches

I connect them at home using WLAN access point name "home" and test them and create scenes and share them with family. Then I want to put them in place at another place where WLAN access point name is "neighbor".

Is the only way to remove the RF bridge and switches from eWeLink and then add them back using the other WLAN access point? I haven't found any way of changing the access point, but it would be very useful.

Another thing that would be useful in Sonoff device firmware would be that if it fails to connect to the WLAN, it would not stop trying. I have seen that if WLAN coverage is lost for any reason, it takes a good while when Sonoff devices still try to get the connection back. But at some point they stop trying and lose the connection until they are restarted. If WLAN coverage comes back when they have stopped trying, they don't get connected anymore. Not unless they lose power first. My suggestion is that instead of stop trying, restart the device so that it would start again from the beginning searching for the WLAN access.

Third thing that came to mind is related to remote controller (with A, B, C and D buttons) and the RF bridge. I have tried and failed in attempt to pair the keys with the RF bridge and then redirecting them to control other sonoff devices (switches). It seems that you can pair the remote with the switches, but it would be more useful, if the remote buttons could be paired with the bridge and the bridge and eWeLink would then be responsible for deciding what happens when the button on the remote is pressed.

If there is a way for doing any of these somehow, please let me know.

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