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How iFan02 works?

I'd like to know how iFan02 works. I'm trying to figure out other purposes than just switching and adjusting fan and lighting.

Based on the technical details, fan is up to 2Amps (roughly 500W) and the other output is up to 5A (1250W).

Fan is adjustable with 3 or 4 settings.

Lighting is adjustable (dimmable).

How is that adjusting implemented? PWM? 

How does that "smart" setting work for the fan?

Does it learn how the user handles it, or does it change it all the time back and forth lower and higher? What guides the adjustment process?

In what range does that lighting adjustment work?

If I connect a constant load of 1250W as lighting, how would the power consumption be in minimum? 0W or something else?

If there are any type of load that cannot be used with this, what would they be?

Halogen lights, fluorescent lights, engines..


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I too would like to know what the 'Smart Scene' Setting is? It doesn't mention anywhere how you actually use this setting??? Is the intent of this to put a sensor (e.g. IR or Temp) in series between the Ifan02 and the Fan wiring?, or is it intended to be a digital link into the normal 'Scenes' for activation via the App itself? 


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