eWeLink App What's New (Android v3.5.5 & iOS v3.5.4):

Android Version 3.5.5

Release Date: 2018-10-31

What's New:

1. Fix some bugs.

2. Optimize performace and improve stability.

iOS Version 3.5.4

Release Date: a week ago 

What's New:

1. Language version optimization.

2. Added more localized language translations.

3. Support more device control.

4. Optimized some functional operation and experiences.

5. Fixed some bugs.

6. Added some features:

    a. Inching mode.

    b. Disable indicator light.

    c. The dimming device supports to set the "power-on or power-off" state and maintenance functions.

Below are all the Sonoff devices which support the first two new features.

Inching mode(except shared Sonoff devices)
Disable Indicator light(Include shared Sonoff devices)
Sonoff Basic, Sonoff RF, Sonoff TH10(2.7.0 or above), Sonoff TH16(2.7.0 or above), Sonoff S26, Sonoff S31, Sonoff Touch, Sonoff T1, Sonoff Slampher; Sonoff Dual, Sonoff 4CH, Sonoff 4CH R2
Sonoff Basic, Sonoff RF, Sonoff POW, Sonoff POW R2, Sonoff TH10, Sonoff TH16, Sonoff RF Bridge, Sonoff S26, Sonoff S31, Sonoff S31 Lite, Sonoff Touch, Sonoff T1, Sonoff Slampher; Sonoff Dual, Sonoff 4CH, Sonoff 4CH R2, Sonoff 4CH Pro, Sonoff 4CH Pro R2

Note: All the Sonoff devices must be upgraded their firmware to v2.6.0 or above to have the two new features ( but Sonoff TH10/16 is 2.7.0 or above).

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