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Add contacts possibility for external buttons

 Hi, I ask if possible to build a model with a contact to allow an external button to behave as the one built-in, so I can replace existing step-by-step relay with a sonoff keeping the current wiring configuration and having the 'status' of sonoff updated also when i push a 'wired' button.

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support this!

This would be a great feature. I suggest having 2 possible implementations:

1- A switch, so shunting it would toggle the switch, simply provide a direct connection to the already existing button on the sonoff basic.

2- Apply 220v (or whatever) would toggle the switch.

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I did it on a sonoff basic simply soldering two wires to the built-in switch pins. It works perfectly. It should be great to have two additional screw contacts already present for this purpose. Better, the two additional contacts could be managed by firmware in order to be connected to a pushbutton or to a switch and the switch action made configurable as: 1. transparent action: when the external switch is CLOSED the relay is CLOSED. When the ext switch is OPEN the relay is OPEN 2. toggle: when you toggle the ext switch the relay toggles
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