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Slampher Question

I have just bought the following:

Sonoff RF Bridge

2x Door Contacts (RF)

1x PIR (RF)

1x Slampher (RF/Wifi)

I want to create a state where if any of the Door Contacts or PIR is triggered it brings the Slampher light on and then stays on for 5 minutes.  At the moment it seems that the Slampher does not know its state (whether on or off) and it clicks to the next state every time another DC or there is extra PIR movement.  I wonder if this is how this is supposed to work or if I am missing something?

I have also had trouble pairing the Slampher to the Sonoff Bridge (via RF), the only way I can do it is by pairing it to another RF device (in my case a Door Contact) then creating that as a button within the App.  Again, I am not sure if this is the correct way to do it but I could not get the Slampher to pair directly with the RF Bridge.

Any response would be appreciated.  

Hi, the sensors work as if they were a remote control button. That is why if you pair the sensors directly with the Slampher it turns on and off all the time after each activation of the sensors.

For that to work right, you need to pair the sensors with the RF Bridge only as a sensor, and then define an scene for each sensor thelling that ech time the sensor alarm goes on, to turn the Slamper on.

This way, even if you receive multiple sucessive signals from the sensors, the slampher will turn just once.

I have not foud a way to turn it off affter 5 seconds. What you can do it to turn it off from your smartphone or perhaps build a simple app integrated with IFTTT and webhooks to signal when the lamps is on and to send the commend to turn it off 5 minutes later.


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Many thanks Mario,

Perhaps that is where I was going wrong, I will try and pair the Slampher with the Bridge as a sensor and not a button.  Hopefully that will work.  I really appreciate the reply as I have found the Itead Helpdesk answers a little hard to understand.  


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