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Problem with the creation of a scene with 2 sonoff TH16


I have 2 Sonoff TH16 in order to manage a fan between two rooms.

There is 2 conditions :

If SonOff TH16 n°1 of ROOM 1 : T° >23°C

and SonOff TH16 n°2 of ROOM 2 : T°<19°C

So SonOff TH16 n°2 is ON

But i can't do that ! How should I do it ?

When i create a scene, i can't choose a Sonoff TH like a target device ! 

Look picture in attachment

(15.4 KB)

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Hi Support,

I have similar problem. I am using the latest V4.18.0 version of eWeLink.

I want to switch ON my TH16 device if my MINI device is swithed ON.

When I am creating the scene  I can't chhose any of  my TH16 device as a target device because none of my TH16 is not in the list.

I can find all of TH16 in the "if" section  but can't find in the "then" section.

See the pictures below

if section:


Then section:


Any solution?

Thanks in advance

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