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Sonoff Basic with reed switch input, can I still use eWeLink somehow? No hub.

Has anyone solved this very basic dream and need? A hardwired PIR or reed switch input using a Basic, without dealing with tasmota and Home assistant, etc. This seems to be like cold-fusion to iTead...

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It does seem to be very cold fusion! Am I right in thinking we can use the alternative model# IM160722001 instead: Specification states 2 input interfaces but no other details. A few dollars more than a basic but this doesn’t seem to include a case. As do so many others I just want a reed switch or similar to tell me if the door is open or closed. Some way of having basic feedback of an electro-mechanical device status when operated via these devices is pretty much a must to be a really useful product.

Its a very simple implementation which ITEAD could do. Hard wire a reed switch onto the board so that if the circuit is closed then the switch is off - garage closed. When you trigger the garage to open the reed switch open circuits and the switch is shown as on - garage open. If someone manually closes the door, the reed switch closes and triggers the sonoff to off state. - door closed.

I attach a diagram. Can anyone build this into Ewelink/Sonoff without flashing?


Really frustrating, when all these people are asking for a simple Sonoff device to open and shut a garage door that includes a reed switch output so that you know what the status is ie open or shut and Sonoff ITEAD can not be bothered to make one, that works with the Ewelink software, I am an electrician but I don’t want to be having to be Flashing different firmware onto the Sonoff switch, If ITEAD do not come up with a resolve I will just buy all my kit from MEROSS they make everything ready to plug and play Garage door openers that include open/closed indication WiFi sockets everything and the iPhone MEROSS app is just as good as Ewelink

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