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Sonoff Basic with reed switch input, can I still use eWeLink somehow? No hub.

Has anyone solved this very basic dream and need? A hardwired PIR or reed switch input using a Basic, without dealing with tasmota and Home assistant, etc. This seems to be like cold-fusion to iTead...

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It does seem to be very cold fusion! Am I right in thinking we can use the alternative model# IM160722001 instead: Specification states 2 input interfaces but no other details. A few dollars more than a basic but this doesn’t seem to include a case. As do so many others I just want a reed switch or similar to tell me if the door is open or closed. Some way of having basic feedback of an electro-mechanical device status when operated via these devices is pretty much a must to be a really useful product.

Its a very simple implementation which ITEAD could do. Hard wire a reed switch onto the board so that if the circuit is closed then the switch is off - garage closed. When you trigger the garage to open the reed switch open circuits and the switch is shown as on - garage open. If someone manually closes the door, the reed switch closes and triggers the sonoff to off state. - door closed.

I attach a diagram. Can anyone build this into Ewelink/Sonoff without flashing?


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