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Not working Alexa Skill

It doesn't work the Alexa skill today has stopped working, it has always worked well for me. It doesn't work on Google home here sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn t. But from app ewelink, if it works properly.

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Yes, mine stopped responding to Alex this morning. Tried rebooting everything and not working. Only via the Ewelink App. Anyone found a solution yet??

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Mine working fine ..try with Alexa app ( powering on /off ) in case not working ...unlink Ewelink skill ..still issue not soled try change name for testing of the socket ..
Thank you so much for your help. I tried everything yesterday, but nothing worked. This morning everything is back to normal. I guess it was the skill that was down. Thanks again guys. Cheers
I disabled skill and re enabled it all is well
Today , Alexa can’t connect to any of my Sonoff devices , tried relinking the Skill , still no joy It’s basically junk stuff , can’t be relied on I’m dumping the sonoff firmware and moving tasmota , no way am I extending these devises with existing sonoff software it’s pure junk

It is working on app, but Alexa always says "<device name> is not responding".

I am getting crazy.

I did everything. I cleaned the devices, reinstalled the application, removed the Alexa connection with eWelink and did it all again.

Nothing works!

15 minutes is enough to show problems. 

Works on App and Alexa says that device is not connected.

Go back to the app to turn the lights. The voice command is not allowed.

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