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Not working Alexa Skill

It doesn't work the Alexa skill today has stopped working, it has always worked well for me. It doesn't work on Google home here sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn t. But from app ewelink, if it works properly.

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Same here, all 18 devices are working perfectly via the ewelink app but alexa does nothing and google home mini tells me there was a problem connecting with the device.
Same here... just the Information that it does Not answer... Please do something... My husband is clearly not amused by this Thx Miri

Mines wasnt working either but you can still use Alexa with IFTTT and will work

How do you do it? But I guess they'll sort it out. You should let the previous skill activate that worked properly.
I read that with ifttt You have flaws too. If they'll fix it soon with the servers drop last week and now this.

Mine HAS ALSO STOPPED working! since Ewlink update also had alexa update worked once but no more will work off the ewelink app fine but I did not buy it for that.  I have more coming as well so they are now useless!

if you want Alexa to control your devices then unfortunately at the moment the only way to do this is with IFTTT. If you can set things up on eWelink then you can set them up on IFTTT. Its quite simple

IFTTT where do I need to go?

a quick summary would go:

1. sign up for a IFTTT account (free)

2. Link your Alexa account in services

3. Link your eWelink account in services

4 IF THIS (Alexa hears a trigger word / phrase of your choosing)

5. THEN THAT (eWelink turn 1channel switch off / on) It will show a list of all your eWelink controllable devices to choose from

If in doubt check this video out and a lot of his others are quite good too

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Thanks for the info but all of a sudden it is working again?  I will play with IFTTT though ;)

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Is still not working here in India. What is happening iTead?

Ive have issues where my 2.4 GHz network gets overloaded. Sometimes it comes good, other times I have to reboot my router.

Ive moved other items to 5 GHz to help the load and it has helped but not fixed the issues.

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All Sonoff device stopped working with alexa “
All device stopped working with alexa in India
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