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Always blinks 1 Channel Inching/Self-lockIing Switch 5V


I bought a 1 Channel Inching /Self-Locking WiFi Wireless Switch 5V  to control a gate.


Suddenly, after one day the button output's led always blinks without ever stopping, the wifi's led does not light up anymore, and the switch mode's led works, as shown in next figure. 

Sorry, I am not an expert on these devices, I can't control it.

What happened?


Can I restore normal functioning?

Thanks, best regards


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hello Maike, I have a sonoff 4 CH 5V electronic card, there is with strange behavior when the power drops (220Vca). Recently the electric power failed for seconds and when it came back the output relays of the sonoff were switching (on / off). it is set to the OFF outputs when energized.

solved your problem? I use a 5V cell phone charger to power the sonoff
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