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TH16 + Si7021 Temperature Humidity Sensor problem

Dear Support, I have an issue with TH16 + Si7021 Temperature Humidity Sensor. I configured the device as automatic mode, switch on if temperature below 6 celsius. Settimgs seems good, but I can experience the device turn on for two-three secounds. The temperature much hihger than the limit 6 degrees, so it dont have to switch. You can find pictures attached. Fw is the latest, 2.6.0 Its a device error? The TH16 is wrong or the Temp sensor? Or what? What shall I do? Thanks for your support. Regards, M.

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I can confirm, there is no problem with AM2301 sensor. Tested for 2 days now, and no causeless switching.

Maybe its a sensor fault, or software releated.

I reccommend to use AM2301 sensor with TH16!




I have made a scene with TH16 + Si7021 Temperature Humidity Sensor as trigger for  another sonoff basic. It is working fine and no switching for 2 seconds. If sensor was the problem it would have repeated in the scene also.

Hi, I have the same problem with new Sonoff TH10 + Si7021. Also On/OFF for 2 seconds without relation to automatic settings. I will try DS18B20 sensor to see if it will help.

this is an app problem !! plz give me an alternative app that wirks with sonoff ... plz .. ewilink doesnt functionaly with automatic

same problem here TH16 + Si7021 keeps randomly switching on and off. I thought first that its faulty sensor, but I have another one, so I tried that and problem persist. I did not notice this before but firmware on device is same, maybe app update..?

I suspect that  Si7021 Temperature Humidity Sensor is loosing signal momentarily causing TH16 switches for 2 seconds when set in auto. This is observed as I have made a scene with temperature setting(TH16 in manual mode) with another sonoff basic and same way scene is  activated on and off for 2secs. Ticket raised no reply. I have two sensors both behave the same way and it's not a common cause of wifi, app or power supply etc as each sensor switches on/off randomly at different times.

As I wrote some days ago I have changed Si7021 to DS18B20 and the problem on TH10 is solved. I have placed the "suspicious" sensor to TH16 and the problem has appeared there. From this point of view seems to me that  the problem is (probably) in malfunction of Si7021. I will try to negotiate with local sell and support representative in Czech Republic and reclaim the sensor in warranty period.

Anybody could find a solution for switching on off for 2.secs for si7021? There is no response from ITEAD for ticket raised.

switch to AM2301 sensor, this works great


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