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Decimal on celsius for th10/16

Hi, In th10/16 PLEASE PLEASE use a variable with decimal, instead integer. decimal for celsius is very important Thanks you

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Use integer in celsius it is like a bug, because the round at 0.5 it is too big

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Yes we need this please

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The sensor can handle decimals, as show on this video

This is essential. Please make this reality. U can actually write decimal but device ignores it.

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Excellent idea

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If you think about it there could be 2 degrees difference until TH10/16 switch of or on. 

Lets say that you set up 

Higher than 19 degrees OFF

Lower than 19 degrees ON 

Device will turn on when it reach 18 degrees 

Device will turn of when it reach 20 degrees 

That is too much deference. One decimal place would be more than enough to solve this problem.  


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Please do it!

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They don't care about that, making it useleess

Change to tasmota firmware. There you can have decimals.

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If they don't care they will lose many customers

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the Ewelink  support write to me, that they are evaluating this feature

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It is so simple to do it... They don't care

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