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ITLEAD server gone down?

 Hi there can anyone tell me if the main server has gone down. I am in the UK and have about 5 devices. They have been faultless until now. Suddenly they have all gone offline and the app on my iphone iOS12.1 says Network Unavailable. I have got internet connection and everything else works fine.

Any ideas?

Many thanks

Ian Davis

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I really think that Itead should think about enabling a Local Server that we could host on a Raspberry Pi.

And we could use a local DNS to route to the local Server and a public DNS to route to the Itead cloud.

I think they have sold so many devices, but sufficient servers are not installed. Without the servers the devices are useless. I had more than 5 devices and is fed up with them. Now I am replacing them one by one. 

What to do! I had complained with maximum details. They are not bothered.  

I’m back up and running now. All ok.
anche in Italia è giù

"Network unavailable" issue for 17 devices! ITEAD, say something!!!

In Spain doesn't work. It would be useful to know if your systems are working or not, they main problem is the lack of information.
Now I see devices connected but app is failing! All devices with steady light!
UK and Thailand not working
even my devices in Italy are offline. solve the problem please

I'm in Ohio, USA.. and I cannot login to my app on the phone and the devices are not turning on / off on their own programmed time. Big issue for me since I use them in a commercial environment. 

Jävla skit


i have three devices in the UK and have been unavailable for sometime, no word from itead concerning status of problem

I just tried to log out and log back in just in case it was that. But now I’m logged out and can’t get back in.
It would be good if we could hear from the company telling us what’s going on and when it will be sorted.
The same issue in Poland
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