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ITLEAD server gone down?

 Hi there can anyone tell me if the main server has gone down. I am in the UK and have about 5 devices. They have been faultless until now. Suddenly they have all gone offline and the app on my iphone iOS12.1 says Network Unavailable. I have got internet connection and everything else works fine.

Any ideas?

Many thanks

Ian Davis

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From Spain, I do not have a connection either. "Network not available."

me too. Spain.

Same here... The Netherlands.
Yeah looks like server is down. Both EU and Asia you can't ping but us you can

same in france

Not working here in UK. Able to ping the EU and CN servers but app says " ! Network Unavailable" 

Have tried via virgin media cable internet and via O2 mobile internet. Neither work. 

Day Two with my Sonoff POW R2 devices and I'm not impressed if this is typical. 

10 devices down here in Netherlands! And the LAN use is BS, doesn't found it anyway.  I just receive 5 smart socket S26 today, really terrible keep depending on this. I think it is time to try Shelly.

The devices seem to have connected as they have a steady green light. It just seems to be the app. Could it be the new iOS 12.1 that I upgraded to yesterday?
I've got four devices down here in South Africa. My LAN still works tho.

Mine are connected to the my LAN but get "server unavailable" on Android and "sorry, the device is not responding" on my Alexa voice commands.

UK user, first problem in 7 months. 

I can see some things on lan but not all. But it just started to do an ungrade on one device got to 90% then stopped. It’s doing my head in.

I can not find any sonoff on my LAN, this feature never worked. 

Probably they are doing maintenance on AWS server and screwed something up!

The same issue in Poland
It would be good if we could hear from the company telling us what’s going on and when it will be sorted.
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