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Updating Google Home

While the eWelink has done an impressive job with Google Home there is one major shortfall. Everytime a devices is added or its name changed, it's not updated in Google Home. Maybe both parties are expecting the other to do it, but I think the change trigger is at eWelink. Imagine you are in a situation of having many devices and when you add one new switch or change a name you have you Unlink and Link Google Home again. This becomes absolutely horrible because in Google Home you have add everything back in the correct Room order.

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sounds adequate - but be happy, that Google Home can still interact with Your SonOFFs....  

I've got an old Android 4.4.2 Smartphone, and since latest Google Home-Update, I can't find any of all my SonOFFs...   :-(

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She would like to work on that. Led Magic Home tapes are automatically added, it would be good if it were with Ewelink

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Hallo, wenn ihr eine Änderung bei eWelink  gemacht habt, wie neuer Schalter oder neuer Name eines Gerätes, dann kann man danach einfach zu Google-Assistent sagen : " Ok Google, synchronisiere meine Geräte!".
Google sync´t dann ´Smart eWelink´. Danach sind die Änderungen bei Google-Assistent enthalten und der neue Schalter braucht dann nur noch zugeordnet werden.

If you add a new switch or change a name of one, than say to Google assistant "ok Google sync my devices". After that open assistant and  put the new switch in the right room.

Schöne Weihnachten für Alle.

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I have some Lightwaverf gear and there's an option available in Google Home to simply update the connected devices, so why isn't there something similar for iTead gear? It's a right royal pain to have to unlink, relink, and then have to go through the entire setup again, including room allocation, and recreating Google routines.

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Sync My Devices, perfect 

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I do suffer a lot with this issue of not updating automatically the new devices added in eWelink, it is horrible & we have to do all process again, please need to workout, One thing I noticed is  Alexa is updating the  Sonoff  devices immediately  after adding the device in ewelink, Please rectify this   problem asap, does anyone find any easy tricks to avoid such process of relinking all devices again & again 

we are 2020-11-21 and when I change the room of a device or its name in eWelink and ask Google home ro sync devices it does ... but has no effect. Google home still has old names and rooms

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