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Sonoff Pro R2 smart switch turning off after 15 seconds?

I wonder if anyone here can help me.

I recently purchased and installed the Sonoff Pro R2 4 channel smart switch as a lighting controller.

It's been mounted onto a DIN rail within a consumer unit, via the AC input, with all line conductors from the power going to the COM connector and the line for the individual lights is in the NO connector.

Managed to install the ewe app, update it and find each channel / programme.

However each channel will only stay ON for approximately 15 seconds after which it automatically turns off - regardless of the programme schedule / manual over-ride etc.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there a switch I need to toggle on the unit itself to resolve this?

Many thanks for your time.


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Please set k5 to'1111' mode . I was facing similar issue. It works.
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