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Sonoff getting disconnected from Wi-Fi

I am facing some issue with my Sonoff POW switch. Even though it's placed near to the router, it's keep getting disconnected from Wi-Fi and connectivity is not consistent. In the mobile app, it's showing enough signal strength. But always showing Network unavailable.

I raised a ticket but not response :-(

Please help me to solve this issue. Earlier i was using one normal Sonoff basic switch and it was working fine.


Pradeep Jose

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We all are having the same problem. I raised a ticket and they responded by saying they are working on it. The wait is on I guess...

Hi All ,

The Wi-Fi Signal receiver is very poor for Sonoff mini. Even the Wi-Fi signal strength is excellent , still this device go off the grid from the network and App shows bad Wi-Fi Signal.  

Hi Guys ,

Are you using any other Smart devices in the same Wi-Fi network. Have you tried the smart devices with different Wi-fi SSID. Let me explain -

You have your main Wi-fi  Router with SSID1 and all the devices like Laptop , TV , Mobiles and smart devices connected on same SSID and same Wi-Fi Router.

What you can try is - get one more Wi-Fi repeater and configure with different SSID Name and connect only your smart devices with the same. This will give you batter connectivity and will solve your intermittent disconnected issues.


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