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Reverse inching for Basic, T1 and others

Inching mode can switch relay ON for few seconds and then automatically switch in OFF (break circuit).

It would be very useful to make "reverse inching" - break circuit for few seconds from ON position. Default state should be ON - after button press (app, remote, RF button) switch to OFF for few seconds then switch ON again automatically.

Can be used for rebooting devices.

I tested on RF Basic 2.6.0 - when I enable inching mode in app it turns OFF as default position. To implement just need to let it stay in current state :

- if now OFF - enabling inching in setting should enable standard inching

- in now ON - enabling inching in setting should enable "reverse inching"

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To do that the relay would have to be continuously energized by default and deenergized to produce the break.  Not very energy efficient and a  mains power interruption would cause it to change state.  What is really needed on these things is a spdt relay so you could access both NO and NC contacts.

SPDT relay is a separate device. Sonoff device already has a relay, wireless interface, remote, logic and a sensor button and in-wall mounting form-factor (for T1 switch), just need a small new firmware feature.

Please understand... The feature you are asking for would keep the internal relay continuously energized.  If the power failed the circuit would open.  Swap the relay for a SPDT relay and use the NO contacts.

Add my vote please.

@EW if the power is off then the state of circuit is irrelevant, there is NO POWER. 

I use a basic to cycle a webcam when it locks up. It would be nice to have reverse inching to make this even simpler.

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When the power returned the relay would still be open for several seconds while the device rebooted and came back online to resume holding the relay closed.  That might be fine for some applications but disastrous for others.  Perhaps they could do reverse inching with a big warning.

Since the device itself doesn't include NC contacts on the relay the proper way to do the function you desire is use the Basic or SV to drive an external relay.  Doing so and using the NC contacts on that relay you can invert the output.  Thus, you are not constantly holding a relay coil energized and an interruption in power doesn't change the output state.

I have this requirement for several applications. Other than rebooting, I have a need to turn off my koi ponds via a remote button at feeding time for 15 minutes or so. This will ensure that the food doesn't go down the filter system and will start the pumps again automatically when the food has been eaten. At the moment, I have to remember to turn the pumps on again. Yes I know all bout an external relay with NC contacts, but that really complicates the electrical installation. 

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What the problem for internal relay to be continuously energized? I used Sonoff basic and RF for lights and growlamp, relay was on for days, nothing happened.

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I think Sonoff could redesign the PCB to accommodate a SPDT relay  and allow NC or NO terminal to be selected at user's option.  I have a number of devices that are switched on 24/7 and need to be rebooted / powered off and then on after say 15 seconds, whenever there is a glitch.  Remotely inching the switch on (break the connection)  would be a perfect solution for the problem. 


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Actually, this could be accomplished in the firmware without having to redesign the switch. When setting up the inching, you need an option to turn it off or on for the inching duration.  

Same here. I have 2 separate internet services running off of 2 different phases of 3 phase supply. The 2 services run on Sonoff switches that are on for 1 minute less than 24 hours in a day. That is when it switches  off and on again to reboot the cable modem AND the router. Have not  had any problem with that. The switches are barely warm to the touch. 

The two Sonoff switches connect to the internet over the other service provider. 


Excellent idea. I could use it to restart my internet router when my connection is not so good.
In time... I found a workaround using the loop timer feature.
I also need to daily turn off and on again a router. How can I implement this?

No new request. Just a reminder that this is something many of us need, and it seems that there is no intention to solve the issue. When will the "Reverse Inching" be available?

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